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Broken Messages: Two in Dreams, One in Reality

Broken Messages: Two in Dreams, One in Reality

How was I to know if there is a hidden, important message inside every dream?

I dream every night. I dream whenever I sleep, regardless of time or place. Once my eyes close their consciousness and my soul seeks comfort, I dream.

In my dreams, I wish for everything else. I can imagine everything and anything. The imposibble, the unknown, the mysterious, the unanswered. I can do the extremes, I was so flexible that I can be water, or air or a grain of sand.

One thing good about me, about me dreaming everytime I sleep, was that I often knew I was only dreaming. I can control my dreams and explore the world of unconsciousness. I can fight the odds and evil in my dreams. I always win. I always overcome the difficulties.

But… That's my point.
My dreams are not always in fantasy.
I see some in reality. As if it was real. No surreal. Just a bit of scene. So real. So true.

Oftentimes I wanted my dreams to finish its story before I finally wake up. And I manage to do that, to my own surprise. But sometimes, when ‘dreams’ show you what a ‘dream’ really means, you will be shocked.

In this two consecutive days, two different dreams left me with two, somehow connected, questions that made me wake up in a sudden.

This first question was:
"You? Have you find out what really makes you happy?"
(Ikaw? Nahanap mo na ba kung saan ka talaga masaya?)

This was asked by a friend in my dream, a girl of my age, but I can’t remember who she really was. I remember that I was looking for a meal in a foodstand. But I can’t choose one because I don’t like them all. I bean looking for what I like, then she asked that. Then, I was awake.

The second question is more of a statement than a question. Somehow, it goes like this:

"That girl is very good. She can even work now."

(Magaling na ang batang yan. Pwede na 'yan magtrabaho.)

That was said by a know newscaster, standing in his office, but I thought I don’t have to mention it. He said it to a man, a man whom I don’t know. I barely remember the face as well. I know that in my dream, I am not the girl he’s talking about. The portfolio compiled in a green clearbook was not mine. I knew it. But when the statement was said, I suddenly woke up again and thought that it was mine. Strangely, my portfolio was really green in color and compiled in a clearbook.

These two questions remained questions as the 3rd day came. I can't remember my dream. I can’t remember any quoted phrases or questions. Nothing.

What I can only think about was the ojt application interview later that day. I thought that the dream was just a dream. Not until I went to the place of interview. I sat there, waiting for me to be called. When the administration officer approached me and led me to my soon-to-be-boss, I concentrate on the things that he might ask.

He told me to sit and I sat. He sat in his chair, too. He orient me with some company stuff as I tightly held my portfolio in my lap. He finally noticed it. He asked for it. I handed it to him. He turn the pages one by one. He told me about the projects and tour me around the office. Back in his room, I absently look at his drawing table and look around. Notes, papers, brushes, pencils, the like. The office suddenly becomes familiar. I notice he likes putting short notes in his table like me. Then, I notice a note glued on the desk wall.

The third message.

That was all I can think about when I read it as it says:

This is your dream, so focus and enjoy every moment."
Oh my goodness.

The third message.

I heard my boss as he asked for the hours that I need to accomplish. Then, he present to me my soon-to-be tasks; then the papers that they need to sign; then he began sking what day I could start.

Oh my goodness, again.

He’s going to hire me. I’m going to be hired. I was hired!

The three messages. Two in dreams, anf finally, the ultimate message was in reality.

It was only then that I realized that the persona who gave the two messages in dream is no other than God. It was Him. He first asked me. Then he refer me to my boss. Angd my boss say yes to Him. And I was hired.

These, making comic drawings and stories, are the ones that I truly like. I am happy working with comics.

I finally found the meal in the foodstand. God told me to go a person and he will give me my meal. So I went to my boss and he saw the letter that God has written, my green clearbook portfolio. And then, God said goodluck. He told me to enjoy every moment, and I will.

These story of mine, the broken messages, was true and based on reality. It really happened. I was now preparing myself for tomorrow is my first day at work. I was happy about all of it. The thrill of the story and the puzzle that I need to solve. It’s like a treasure hunting. And I found it.

I thank God above everything else. He was the one who had done this. He really knows what’s best for everyone.

It made me feel good that I accomplish a task that God has given me. And I hope, that I gave glory to Him through that. I will continue to ask for your guidance and love. I will be faithful to you always. I do.

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