Thursday, August 5, 2010

Finding the Artist in Me

Finding the Artist in Me

Again, I would ask myself the question that I wanted to bury to the ground for as long as i know that question existed. Was I wrong with the choices I made in my life? Pondering the thought, I remember myself waking up so tired because of my dreams of last night. Yes, even in dreams I’m still wondering if I could be able to end this anxiety. This is the path I chose to live. But then, a question again, am I happy with this? Yes, very happy, but not with what I am feeling this past few days. My hand is useless. I can’t even try hard to hold a pencil and sketch. But maybe, I’m too hard on myself, maybe I just need inspiration. Gosh. I’m third year college already and I still don’t notice the things that I knew could inspire me, only if I believe in it. With that, I sigh, knowing that there’s nothing more that I want to do except to walk to nowhere, hoping to find the artist in me again.
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