Thursday, August 5, 2010

I Admire Them

I admire those people who are strong enough to face the world and their own lives with courage and faith.

I admire those people who cares for everyone, even if they didn’t even know each other at all.
I admire those people whose devotions cannot be measured by anything, and I wish I could be like them.

I admire those people who can go overseas, travel by ship or by plane, because they believe they can survive even on foreign lands.
I admire those who are neither selfish nor selfless, for they know how to treat people well.

I admire those who love faithfully, and I wanted to be like them, too.
I admire those who can express their feelings and speak their minds - through their very own ways and media - for it refreshes one’s soul.

I admire those who read and those who study, they contribute to the mankind’s legacy on earth.

I admire those who can face the sorrow and loneliness, and later can smile, for they give lessons in life.

I admire those who fight in right side of the war, for I know that I cannot do what they can do.
I admire those who love peace and order, they are the hope of the earth.

I admire those who can appreciate life’s little moments, for I know I’m not alone, and i believe that is what our Father was hoping.
I admire those who can take hurtful words and painful challenges, for they can rise after their falls.

I admire those who can manage their time and goals because that’s a wonderful gift.

I admire those who share their blessings… simply because they inspire other people to share their own small blessings, too.

…and, of course, God will be very happy.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

♥ dandiely ♥

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