Thursday, August 5, 2010

Inspiration: From Enemies to Friends

There is a time in my life that I knew I met my greatest enemy. Not that we declare war between each other, but I told it to myself. She is an enemy I need to fight with, and I must win over the battle. Not that I need a sword and an army, just a brain and a hand.

It is a battle I almost forgotten, but whenever the memory passes by in the silliest moment to remember such events, laughter and smiles are inevitable. I was a jerk way back then, thinking that everybody is enemy, especially if a person is superior that your skills while you both are on the same age. But with that experience, I learned more about myself. And I won't trade those moments with anything.

In my desperate stage of life that I need to excel in school, yes just that, I need to become a genius. I need to become somebody who can make things change to something better. But who was I to say that I can change something? I was just a kid, an innocent kid who was raised as an academic competence-oriented student. What I really need to do is to go higher. However, that gal smacked my blooming specialization down to zero.

She makes comics! She has a lot of her own comics! And I, a poor little gal trying so hard to make a story like the ones that can be found in the elementary book got envious. That's when I declared the war. I will win over her and I’m going to create wonderful comics, with better stories and drawings than her. I was in Grade 6 way back then, and now, all I could say is that "without her, I never be here in the very first place."

Yes, I believe that enemies can make good friends, somehow. That's what happened to us. Soon, we get to know each other and she taught me the basics in drawing cartoons. I successfully had drawn my first comics ever before our elementary graduation. And now, I’m on my final journey to hit the star – to become a professional artist.

All along, she supported me with her kind words, words that meant a lot to me. And like the chipmunks, without my friend, I’ll never be in the place where I'm enjoying. I can quote it like this, "I'll never be home without my friend's company." And when you learn that your friend's in trouble, there's no more doubt that you'll run to rescue him/her as much as you can do. A friend is a home. You'll never be complete if you don’t have a friend. Friend is a compliment of an individual, whether they attract or repel, and it is an inspiration that never fade away, it is eternal.

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