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An Omen of Disaster?

An Omen of Disaster?

June 20, 2008, I decided to make two artworks that I will dedicate for the honor of the sea. First, the monoprint plate in Graphic Arts Process subject where I draw a close-up anchor with a background of the sea – with a ship in silhouette and a dazzling sunshine escaping from the thick clouds just about the ship. It would be titled “memoirs of the sea.” Actually, I couldn’t think of anything to draw in that monoprint plate, so I decided that I will draw my favorite subject – sea.

Next, when I went home, I was supposed to make a sculpture of an anchor of a ship. I was so crazy about the sea. I love the sea. So, there it was Saturday, June 21, 2008, I made the main shape of the sculpture, clay is the medium. Then, the first part was detached from it (the part with a horizontal metal and a circular metal where the rope was knotted). I didn’t mind it; I could reattach it later on. When I was carving the shape of the hook, the stem of the anchor gave up and broke. It made me considered that I should no more continue doing the sculpture – I was going to make a new, and stable body of the anchor so it wouldn’t broke anymore.

So it was. Later that night, my uncle told me that a ship was stranded on the waters of Romblon in Visayas because there was a typhoon – the typhoon Frank. Inside me, I pitied them, and hope that they would reach the next pier safely.

June 22, 2008, Sunday, typhoon Frank was as crazy as Tasmanian devil that he showed his undying gusts of wind and storm. The Philippine ship which I couldn’t recall the name despite of hearing it in the news all over again… was destroyed. The ship had turned upside down, and I just can’t imagine how it just happened. Cruel is typhoon frank. But I can’t do anything. Much bitter.

Until I learned that I was supposed to create the “the memoirs of the sea” and the sculpture of an anchor. Then the idea flowed in my mind simultaneously – broken anchor of a ship; memoirs which means record, account, history or journal; memoirs of the sea or an account of the sea; then close-up, fully rendered, new anchor in the bottom of the print; and above everything else, the silhouette of a ship under the dazzling sunshine escaping from the thick clouds (and I shook in fear).

My mind suddenly interprets my artwork for me and it said to me that “dazzling sunshine escaping from the thick clouds could be interpreted as death; the heaven would embrace everything that the sunshine would touch. And there beneath it is the silhouette of a ship! The sunshine will touch the ship!

For God’s sake, I wanted to tell this to someone who would say that I’m not crazy or hungry, but who would be that person?!!! I shook still. Another interpreted idea was offered by my silly mind. “If ever you didn’t draw that silhouette of the ship under the dazzling sunshine, do you think the ship was supposed to survive??? I fell on my knees and tremble. …it’s not my fault… I have no right and no power to control life’s own decisions. What happened to me was an omen. That’s all. Silly mind.

You? Yes, you, the one who’s reading this. It is just an omen, right? But the right question isn’t that. The real question should be, “Why, of all the people who might have a connection to that, why me? Why is it supposed to be me?” Can I foresee the future? No way. I was not born like that. I suppose to believe that we all can foresee some things about our future, but not the future of people whom we don’t even know. *sigh*

My drawing in monoprint is like this, the photograph I captured last January 2, 2008 at baywalk park. I just put the silhouette of the ship in the middle where the light strikes, and a close-up anchor will be drawn at the bottom of the image.

Photo from Unsplash
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