Thursday, August 5, 2010

When all else fail… God will be there.

God is so amazing.

And it is really amazing that his love never fails.
His words are powerful, and God is not afraid of why and how you worship him.
Because in the end, if you truly seek him, He will be there for you.
When you let him handle everything, then you’ll definitely see him handling everything.
And I was thankful, that I did.
I may not be a sacred one, but he understands that deep inside me, he is everything that I can fully trust. He is everything.

God is not insecure, he’s confident. He is pure. He is love.
And because he is love, I love him.
I worship him the way he taught me. The way he knew I can.
God is not afraid, so I will not be afraid.
He is the guide to the path I chose to live.
And even if I don’t know what the future may be, sooner or later, with God in my heart, every step I will make is guided and I will never take the wrong way.
Knowing who holds the future makes every second of my life meaningful.
I shall not be worried for tomorrow.

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