Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Greatest Call of Our Lives

The Greatest Call of Our Lives

The greatest call of our lives is the call of God, our Creator.

These days, I seemed to hear His calling again. you know, I have been called so many times and I knew it, consciously or subconsciously. And that makes it very confusing. I don't know what keeps me from doubting, from giving my life to Him to be used for His purposes.

But I am closer. I am getting closer. I have been reading "The Purpose-Driven Life" of Rick Warren, and though the book is not mine and I forgot to give it back to the owner. It seemed like its mission - its purpose to call me - was not yet done so it remained here with me.

I like to be used for God's purposes. I wanted to be as much closer to Him that I can be. I wanted to bring glory to Him. Although things are certainly confusing and unclear, I know that I am getting closer to all the answers.

I hope that you are, too. Whatever you are going through right now.
Life is a test, so you must pass it.
Let's do it all together. Everyone of us is required.

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