Thursday, May 19, 2011

Life is a Test; God is Our Teacher.

Life is a Test; God is Our Teacher.

Life without trials and suffering is not "life," for life is a test. No matter what kind of trial you could have been facing right now - multiple choices, fill in the blanks, matching type, explanation, cause and effect, etc - there is only one goal and it is to "pass."

Well, sometimes high scores can be an advantage, but whether you have high or low score, what matters is what you learn, how you answer the questions. What's important is that you fill the blanks with the best answer you can possibly think of rather than leave it blank. It is much better to match the A to a wrong letter than to keep it alone and unpaired.

After all, our score is up to our "teacher," the one whose up there and watching each and everyone of us as we take our daily tests. He is the only one who can give our report card and say congratulations and we made it.

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