Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I Saw Two Good People at LRT

Scene 1: Cellphone in a Black Purse

6:00 PM. I was on my way to work. I rode the LRT Line 2 going to Araneta-Center Cubao Station. The train was fully loaded with passengers that were mostly going home by that time, and everyone was busy with their own businesses while inside the train. I knew by experience that when the train arrived at Araneta-Center Cubao Station, almost half of the passengers will go out of the train, and it was very hassle. The door opened and the passengers rushed out of the train, almost bumping one another, then I heard a woman in her 30's calling "Kuya! Kuya!" and some of us turned our head to look at her. The guard-on-duty walked into her, checking what's going on. She held her hand up, showing a cellphone almost popping out of its black-colored purse. "Kuya, cellphone ninyo!" she said, handing it to a man in his late 40's, I supposed. I heard him said something like "Naku, salamat!(Oh, thanks!)" but I was not really sure because I did not stop walking. Before I turned my head away, I smiled, thinking that it was so good of her, for showing kindness and concern to the man who could have lost his cellphone. I whispered to myself "Thank you, Lord, about that." It wasn't like I was the one who were supposed to say thank you, but it just felt like the normal thing to do, and it was something that so natural that I never even realize that I said it until I do. :)

Scene 2: The LRT Ticket

6:00 AM. I was on my way home. Again, I rode the LRT Line 2, this time going opposite direction, to Recto Station. There was no hassle, though. Heck, it was Philippine Independence Day, June 12, 2012, no office work for most employees. I was able to catch a seat inside. When the train arrived at Legarda Station and the door opened, a few passengers stood up and went out, then a man in his 30's suddenly stood up from his seat on the left side of the train, then slightly jumped to the right side seats and took an LRT ticket left on the seat. He shouted out by then, something like "Miss, miss! LRT Card nyo!" and he threw it to the platform, a few seconds before the door closed. Heck, that's a great move, or he could have been left if the door shut up closed behind him. I smiled again, and remembered the good woman I saw just last night, thinking "Oh, there are still good people around. Glory to God." :)

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