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Gundam 00 The Movie: A Wakening of the Trailblazer – The Way I See It

Gundam 00 The Movie: Awakening of the Trailblazer
Gundam 00 The Movie: A Wakening of the Trailblazer [Prologue]
"Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding."
—Albert Einstein
NOTE: I AM A NEWBIE WHEN IT COMES TO GUNDAM SERIES. I will talk about the Gundam 00 The Movie [A Wakening of the Trailblazer] in this blog post the way I understand and appreciate it. And for those who haven’t watched it: spoiler ahead!

My Short History about Gundam:

I was a toddler when I watched Gundam Wing anime series in TV (and some other Gundams that I don’t remember the titles) and if you would ask me now, I don’t know what the story is all about. The memory was so vague I would just told you that all I know about it is the title of the anime series itself, the fact that they are big robots that can fly, and the name of the main character – Heero Yuy. I wasn’t able to watch the other Gundam franchises like Gundam Seed (because I was busy in school) but somewhat familiar with them because they are popular.

Just this year (2014), I got hooked up with Gundam plastic model, also known as Gunpla (thanks to my beloved). He asked me about Gundams and he said “duh, you didn’t remember them? You gotta watch it again. Let’s watch it!” And so we had anime marathon of Gundam 00 series first and second seasons! It was so much fun! And speaking of the Gundam anime series, I will make another blog posts about the first and second season soon, too! :)

And to all those fellas who wanted to watch Gundam 00 The Movie: A Wakening of the Trailblazer, I recommend that you watch the two seasons of the anime series first before watching the movie, because that way you will know what happened before the movie and the background of the characters. So, you know, you will a have a better understanding of the plot and the reasons for all that they do (since the movie is the finale of the second season and they’re all connected). :)

GN Drive

Gundam Nucleus (GN) Drive, a.k.a. solar reactors, is the power source of the Gundams. The theory of GN Drive is created by Aeolia Schenberg and invented by Celestial Being. GN drive seems to continue to supply power for a theoretically infinite period of time and emitting blue-colored GN particles. However, the data of the GN Drives has been stolen, so the technology has been imitated by the Innovades and Linear Train Industries (led by Laguna Harvey). These imitations are called pseudo solar reactors and these fake GN Drives powered the three Gundam Thrones (piloted by the Team Trinity) and GN-X series. While these pseudo GN Drives perform the same functions as the originals, the particle production is not infinite because they lack TD Blankets and is emitting a different color of GN particles (a.k.a. GN T particles) – which has a reddish hue.

Exposure of GN Particles in Human Bodies

Setsuna’s consistent exposure to GN particles was a big factor for his change from a normal human into a pure Innovator. On the other hand, Louise Halevy’s exposure to GN particles omitted by the pseudo GN drives poisoned her. Her family and relatives were killed by Nena Trinity of Gundam Thrones; and her hand has been amputated because of the accident and the GN T particles prevented her left hand from regenerating using their medical technology. Her hand has been replaced with a prosthetic, cyborg-like hand instead.

If by any wild chance, that the invention of this GN Drive or the discovery of GN particles will come in reality, would the exposure to those new particles transform humankind into an upgraded, superior human like Innovators? Would these particles affect and damage our bodies the way it did with Louise’s hands? Nonetheless, the GN Drive is capable of producing infinite or unlimited power (yeah, I know how fictional it sounds); and if ever the GN drive will be invented in the future, this source of power can be helpful to sustain the humankind’s needs for energy. I just hope they won’t use it for war.


As far as I know, this is the only Gundam movie that has alien antagonists. Popularly known as ELS (Extra-terrestrial Living-metal Shape-shifters), these techno-organic sentient aliens can assimilate and activate anything that it touches so they can understand and learn. They are drawn to people with quantum brain waves in the hopes of communicating with them. ELS are metallic in color and form, but they can transform to solid or liquid form as well, and have an ability to transform itself to the shape of the thing that they assimilate.

ELS was actually searching for a new home since their home planet was on the edge of destruction because their sun went supernova and consumed their home world. They found the planet Jupiter and it fits with what they were searching for. However, the space-exploration vessel Europa went to Jupiter and ELS discovered and assimilate it including the dead bodies aboard. ELS learned about Earth because of the information of the exploration vessel and they sent the Europa back to Earth to investigate. Even though the Earth Sphere Federation (ESF) tried to destroy the ship, ELS fell on Earth disguised as debris and started to assimilate anything that they could find – technology, machines, even humans, especially those with a potential of transforming into Innovators.

In our vast universe, it is possible that there are other life forms that are not human-like in shape. At the end of the movie, the ELS assimilated Earth and made themselves a part of the planet. A spark of idea from my imagination suddenly came and I asked myself, does the other live organisms on Earth came to our planet and stay here the way they did? Is it possible that water also came here like that? Or that assimilation of extra-terrestrial organisms on Earth gave birth to water on our planet? Bacteria are known to be the first living forms on Earth. (I don’t want to dwell with my questions as we might go as far as the history of water or the history of bacteria and I don’t want to explain that here.)

Also, presence of extra-terrestrial life forms can be frightening. Imagine if these ELS are true in today’s time. We don’t have mobile suits; we don’t have Gundams; we don’t have Innovators. How are we able to fight and protect our dear planet with the technology available?

For me, this kind of alien is the most unique of all the alien life forms that I’ve ever seen in fictional stories and movies (I know I haven’t watched all alien-themed stories but for the record I said “all that I have watched”). Not human-like, not robot-like, not animal-like form. They are organisms that we can compare to things like, rocks, metal (and yes they are metal), diamonds, water, or even fire and that they have minds; they are intelligent! We often encounter aliens as aggressive and life-threatening creatures. These common alien types try to kill us or use our body as a temporary storage then kill us when they come out of our body or use our bodies as their new bodies. But this alien, ELS, they are bound to communicate and assimilate things so they can learn. They target things as well, not only humans. The characteristics of ELS are uniquely awesome!

Innovade, Innovators

Innovades are genetically engineered bio-terminals created by Celestial Being and Veda. They are artificial versions of the real, purebred Innovators. Their main purpose is to carry out Aeolia’s plan and help humanity to unite for the expected communication with other intelligent life forms foresaw by Aeolia. Innovades are assigned to do different tasks, some are blended and living with humans and some are in missions and in Veda. They also have Level-B quantum brain waves, possess greater reflexes than normal human and are able to suppress aging. They are also made for space exploration.

Innovators, on the other hand, are purebred, evolved from natural humans who can use quantum brain waves. As per the series, long exposure to concentrated high grade GN particles can greatly affect human brains and it actually led to innovation of Setsuna F. Seiei.

Like any other particles present and known today, would it be possible that certain particles can also affect our brains and bodies that can lead to changing or evolving? If mankind can transform themselves into another level of human, it would really become a new era of sorts. In sci-fi stories and movies, we encountered many cases of human being experimented to achieve a higher level of human species. It can be mutants (like Wolverine) or genetically engineered DNAs and stuff (like Resident Evil). But most of these stories dealt with the physical changes.

Understanding and Political Lessons

"What I hate are people who misuse their intelligence-the ones who get caught up on their own personal beliefs and prejudices, and lose sight of the truth.It leads to misunderstandings, followed by discord and then by conflict. All I want is understanding between people.Humans must learn to apply their intelligence correctly, and evolve beyond their current state.People must change. Otherwise, even if humanity expands into space, it will only create new conflicts. And that will be a very sad thing."
-Aeolia Schenberg
Disclaimer: To fully understand the technology and the other aspects of the Gundam 00 series, I’ve read some of the information from and incorporate (what I learned) here for a much elaborated explanation.
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