Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Bubbly Puppy Named Poknat / Choc

It has been three months since she passed away. I clearly remembered that very first night I ever cried for a dog. I cried myself to sleep that night. I even actually claimed that it was just an April Fool's joke. But it wasn't. After another three months, another little fella went to heaven. It's just so sad. I knew it's even harder for the owners.

Looking back, Poknat - as we fondly called her, but her real name's Choc - was a very bubbly, and at the same time, calm puppy. Since I was only getting used to having dogs around, I wasn't able to play with her a lot. I wasn't able to take more pictures. I believed she was the key that I was able to lessen my fear of dogs.

I really liked her a lot. I especially liked her folded ears. See her ears in the picture below. She's a half-dachshund and half-Filipino dog. Her mother's ears are wide and flat and down like most dachshunds, and her siblings have flat ears too... But hers was somehow folded in the middle. Isn't cute? Haha!

Poknat / Choc under the stove table
Poknat / Choc under the stove table
Well, maybe you're wondering where did we get the nickname "Poknat". Poknat is a Filipino word for "bald spot" on the hairy areas of the skin. When Poknat was a puppy, she got these small bald spots on her back and since she and her siblings looks all the same (light brown), that's how we call her. Like "the one with the bald spot!"And the term became the nickname :) But it's not her  real name. She's Choc! :)

Selfie with puppy Poknat / Cho
Selfie with puppy Poknat / Cho
 Here is a picture of us! Look like she's posing for the camera shot as well :) Adorable!

Poknat / Choc lying down on the floor
Lazy day for Poknat / Choc
She liked to be petted and rubbed on her tummy and neck. Her favorite spots seemed to be the areas with covers on top, like the stove table, the old coffee table, under the chairs. She liked to hide. When I walk to her, she would come to me and greet me with wagging tails.

Poknat / Choc under the stove table

There she was! Sleeping soundly under the stove table since she found a pillow (pipe) to rest her head. Hehe!

Poknat / Cho closed eyes and sleepy

Sleepy on a lazy day, again under the stove table. :)

She died because of distemper. It is a contagious disease caused by a virus similar to the one that causes measles in people. It spreads through inhaling the virus or through contact with infected bodily fluids like nasal secretions, feces and urine, and mostly occurs in unvaccinated older dogs and unvaccinated puppies between 6 to 12 weeks old, at which time maternal antibodies fall below protective levels. Symptoms includes sudden fever, loss of appetite, watery discharge in the eyes and nose, frequent diarrhea and vomiting and pus blisters on the abdomen. This disease attacks brain cells, skin cells, the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract and the gastrointestinal tract. It's kind of deadly, especially for puppies because their immunity levels weren't good enough yet. Vaccination against canine distemper is almost 100% protective, according to the articles that I have read. And all puppies must be vaccinated by 8 weeks of age.

She's around 3 months old when she got sick and we were not exactly sure why and how she got infected. I actually didn't even know she got sick. The only thing I knew was she suddenly died. The owners (my boyfriend and his mom) hid it from me because they somehow knew I would be sad. Of course I did. I really did. He eventually told me when she has been buried.

He told me that she will soon have vaccination, but it's too late. Poknat suffered from hard-pad disease, a form a distemper which the virus attacks the skin of feet and nose which produce think skin on the nose and calluslike pads on the feet. He told me he saw Poknat put her feet on the bowl of their drinking water, maybe she wanted to ease the pain she's feeling on her feet. She suddenly suffered from diarrhea. She lost her appetite and vomited so frequently. 

 Rubbing her neck Poknat / Choc 

Even though she didn't survive, I knew she's happy. She enjoyed her life. I knew it. I enjoyed watching her grew up as well. She's a blessing to me. I liked her a lot. She's my favorite dog in their pack. She's calm when I want her to be calm. She's energetic when we played. She taught me that I shouldn't fear dogs. I love her. ♡

Pat on the head with Poknat / Choc
Pat on the head

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