Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Why I Want to Start Practicing Yoga

dandiely - yoga pose artwork

Let’s admit it; there would be stressful days that simply cannot be avoided as part of our daily, busy lives. Most of the time, such days would come when you least expected it that made you want the day to end immediately. It could be some problems at workplace, a careless jeepney driver, a chatty group of people in the elevator, a broken photocopying machine, a project’s deadline, hundreds of emails on your inbox, a broken faucet in your house, a fight with one of your siblings, your sick pet, the monthly period(for the girls), the not-so-good-vibes kind of posts in your news feed, or even a rainy day when you left your umbrella at home. You haven’t got enough sleep that you badly wanted to take a day off. There are so many things to do and you’d say there’s no enough time for all of that. The feeling that you haven’t started fixing one but you seemed so tired by the mere thought of it. You've got work to do but you also have to make time for family and yourself. I am no exception.

Life is pretty fast and busy. I have always reminded myself to take one task at a time. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do this (but I’m still grateful that I was able to make it through each day). When something gets tough, I should take a small break – eat, sit back, laugh, or relax – just to prevent stress levels from going up. But what if I don’t have time to take a break? What if the stress won’t go away? So I googled up ways to avoid or lessen stress and one of the methods I found is practicing yoga.

It’s difficult to start doing yoga when you don’t have enough knowledge about its basics. And while I badly wanted to try this, I still think that I haven’t got any spare time (and place and tools) to do it. But a blogger that I’m following said that these were just excuses. She’s right – you don’t need a yoga mat to do yoga; a towel (or even without one) is fine. She’s right again – yoga doesn’t have to take few hours from your precious time; even 5 minutes is enough (even a minute!). If you want to do it, then do it, and stop telling yourself that you can’t. Because, gradually, you will see yourself  - your body - changing. And you will surely thank yourself for that.

Surely, it will take some discipline to be able to consistently dedicate time in yoga. So as an inspiration, I decided to draw yoga poses to remind me of it. The drawing above is my first yoga-inspired drawing. You can also view this artwork in my Instagram account #art #sketch #drawing #yogapose 

I'm open for any yoga suggestions and advice! Just leave a comment or email!

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