Thursday, November 13, 2014

Gundam Build Fighters Try: Episode 2 Video and Screenshots

Watch GUNDAM BUILD FIGHTERS TRY-Episode 2: Team Up, Try Fighters! (ENG sub) 

Episode 2 Video Screenshots!

Sekai transferred to Seiho Academy where he and Yuuma will be in the same class.

so I decided to join the Gunpla Battle Club
let's play Gunpla Battle, Yuuma!

Kamiki Mirai and Fumina Hoshino

The school's student council has decided that Gunpla Battle Club will be merged with the Plastic Model Club.

President, are you serious about this?

Note: Please take a look at Eri, the Plamo club's vice president, the girl beside Miyaga on the picture above. Nerdy and all. Watch out for her in the end of this post! Haha!

Miyaga, president of Plamo Club, went to Gunpla Battle Club room

The Gunpla Battle Club must defeat the Plamo Club in battle.

Didn't you promise me that...
I'll build an awesome Gunpla and enter the championship with you.

"Didn't you promise me that..."
"I'll build an awesome Gunpla and enter the championship with you."

Now the epic scene for me is the one below - Sekai claiming that he can feel and hear the roading heart of Yuuma. That he badly wanted to play Gunpla Battle but he can't so he keeps Hoshino away from playing as well. And by that, Yuuma questioned: Are you pretending to be a Newtype?

Miyaga, the Plamo Club's president lost his temper and deployed the huge mobile armor Agrissa, which Yuuma thought that Miyaga violated the previously agreed rules.

Yuuma teamed up with Sekai and Hoshino and they won! And that's where the team Try Fighters formed!

Miyaga won't accept his defeat
Eri transformed into a cuttie!

And I just have to get a screenshot of Eri, the Plamo Club's vice president, as she suddenly transformed into this cuttie girl. Remember how she looked so nerdy on the screenshot above this post? Haha!

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