Thursday, November 20, 2014

Gundam Build Fighters Try: Episode 7 Video and Screenshots

Watch GUNDAM BUILD FIGHTERS TRY-Episode 7: Straight-Assembly Shimon (ENG sub)

Episode Screenshots:

We are... Team Try Fighters!
And their next opponent is from Jolo Municipal Middle School! (That's Shimon in the middle.)

What's weird is that the opponents Gunplas are just straight build - assembled as directed in the manual - with no customizations or paints. But wait, there's more to it. Like Sekai said... He's fast; he's like a boxer.

I love this episode so much because of the appearance of Destiny Gundam. It's one of my favorites! It's really cool! Look at that big sword!
The fighter behind the Destiny Gundam is Shimon.

Brace yourselves for more screenshots of Destiny Gundam!

So, the two other guys from Jolo Municipal Middle School approached the Team Try Fighters, begging to let them win the next battle. Sekai, Hoshino and Yuuma learned that Shimon's brother is ill and he's the one building the Gunpla that Shinon use for battles. Shimon wants to win for his little brother.

The Team Try Fighters is hesistant to win, asking themselves the reasons why they fight. Sekai went to the hospital where Shimon's brother was confined. The kid was delighted to see the Build Burning Gundam, while Sekai declared war versus Shimon, wanting a good fight.

Let the battle begin, then! Jolo Municipal Middle School versus Seiho Academy!

Or should I say, Build Burning Gundam versus Destiny Gundam? Who's your bet?
Yuuma and Hoshino - both hesistant and doubtful - were pushed out of the battle field by the two members of the opponent's team. Now it's only between Sekai and Shimon.

Make these screenshots move in your imagination as Build Burning and Destiny fight!

As much as I like Destiny Gundam, I'm sorry! Build Burning Gundam wins! Take that victory pose!
Well, technically speaking, a straight build gunpla endure can't endure so much damage compare to a well-built gunpla (Sei Iori's the builder, ehem!)

Shimon told Mamoru, his brother, that they lost over Sekai's team. Shimon encouraged his brother to build a new Gunpla for the next tournament! But the little kid doesn't seem to be so down. After all, it make him want to build a much better gunpla - inspired by Sekai's Build Burning - stating that he will customize and paint it, too.

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