Thursday, November 6, 2014

I Could Have Worn a Dress

On a Friday morning when I prepared to go to work, I picked a white and blue stripes dress as my outfit for the day. I always got excited about wearing a dress because I was, you know, the shirt-and-pants-are-OK kind of girl. This was one of the days that I wanted to see the girly side of me.
But as usual, I got pretty uncomfortable with the length of the skirt that's showing half of my thighs. My solution? Wear black stockings. Paired it with my scarlet-colored flat shoes. I slipped in my legs in the stockings, but I felt anxious about the texture. This thin fabric felt like an itchy net sometimes. I removed it. But I still couldn't wear the dress without covering my legs.

I took my skinny but thick-fabric leggings and wore it. The ends was loose like I was actually wearing pants, and it totally didn't match with the dress and the flat shoes. I took it away. Then, I wore my animal-print cycling shorts (why on earth I didn't have a black-colored cycling by the way?). My legs were still exposed, but at least my pelvic area's covered. This was the way dress should be worn, but no, I still can't go outside like this.

I checked the watch and it's more than half an hour. I put the shorts away and wore my pencil-cut (stretchable) skirt. Heck, why would someone wore a skirt under a dress? I was frustrated. I was really no good at fashion. I badly wanted to wear the dress but I couldn't match it with anything! I wanted to pair it with stockings but I wanted a comfortable kind of fabric.

I checked the watch. It has been an hour. I quickly took my dress away and tucked myself with a floral blouse and skinny pants. I sighed. I took me a wasted hour to realize that I shouldn't have thought of wearing a dress. I combed my hair a few times before finally grabbing my bag and leave.

I could have worn a dress, but I couldn't.

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