Thursday, November 13, 2014

When the Draft Went Back to Scratch

Yesterday, I was writing the contents for my About page. I’ve been saving a lot of notes and keywords (on the draft Page in blogger) to remind me of the things that I’d be listing in this particular blog page and I finally summoned the guts to finish it.

So I had spent more than two hours to complete the contents. Just when I was about to be done, I noticed that I’d like the first image to be on the right side so I aligned it to right. The texts got misaligned so I view the source code via HTML View and tried to manually fix it there. When I turn it back to Compose View, I successfully turned the image back to the default place but I insisted on placing it to the right. I dragged it to the right, and for some reason, it made the situation worse! So I hit the Ctrl+Z on the keyboard for a few times, then all the contents suddenly disappeared!

Blogger editor screenshot

Then, that "SAVE" button on the top right suddenly displayed "Saving" and it took me a couple of seconds to realize that Blogger was automatically saving the changes made to the page and I was like "dooooooooooooooooooon't!!!!!"

I panicked! I abruptly hit the "back to Page list" button and the Blogger displayed a dialog box with something like "changes might get lost if you continue" and I just continued going back to the Page list.

Then boom! I clicked the draft of the About page and THERE WAS NOTHING.

The world seemed to fall apart and I felt so weak out of disbelief. My hours of working – or should I say writing – have been lost and wasted. I did the facepalm thing and before I get drowned by my own stupidity, I hit Blogger Help and try to find ways to recover the contents but they said that if the post/content has not been published, there are no ways to recover it.

Sad, isn't it? So after few minutes trying to cheer up myself, I started to collate the few notes that I have saved in Google docs and in MS Word document. Few minutes more and I began to re-write the page content again, pushing my brain to remember all the things that I wrote couple of hours ago.

This time, I wrote in MS Word to avoid getting screwed up by that "Automatic SAVE" option in Blogger again. And for the future posts to come, I'm not going to trust that Automatic SAVE, as in NEVER AGAIN.

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