Friday, December 26, 2014

Facebook: Angel Lea's Blissful and Blessed Year!

Angel Lea's Blissful and Blessed Year
Maybe you are seeing this kind of posts lately on your news feed.
It is Facebook's Year in Review kind of app where it'll automatically gathered some of your Facebook pictures to create some sort of a photo album and timeline manner. 
Of course, you can customize it, say, remove some images that you don't like to be featured there and add some that you'd like to show to your Facebook friends.

So here it is! I just finished my...

"Angel Lea's Blissful and Blessed Year"

with caption:

It's been an amazing year! Keep calm and be grateful!

It's always refreshing to look back and remember those events, things, and people that touched your life in many ways and see what you actually do the whole year. Though the Year In Review app may not be enough to list all of the great things that happened in our lives, it's a great way to remind us to live our lives to the fullest. :)

Year 2015 is coming and it's a promise of new things, happenings, and people to be grateful for.

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