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Gundam Build Fighters Try: Episode 12 Video and Screenshots

Watch GUNDAM BUILD FIGHTERS TRY-Episode 12: To Fly To the Future (ENG sub)

Episode Screenshots:

Meijin Yuuki Kawaguchi interfered between the battle among Try Fighters and Saga Adou, saving the Build Burning from being severely damaged.

Amazing Red Warrior easily get rid of the bullets and fangs launched by Gundam The End, and when Adou was about to do his final technique, Coach Allan forcefully shut the battle down, stating that he cannot let them keep on fighting at damage level B.

After the fight, Sekai lost his consciousness again. Assimilated, as Mejin quoted it.

Yuuma was exhausted and feeling so down as he was lost for the second time with the same fighter.

Then, Meijin suddenly showed up, "Leaving your Gunpla behind disqualified you as a builder."

He brought Yuuma's Lightning Gundam. He asked Yuuma to come with him.

Hoshino saw Meijin Kawaguchi and Yuuma left the premises, then Lady Kawaguchi came.

Lady Kawaguchi told Hoshino that she's lacking something, something that she can only explain and teach her through a battle.

Meijin Kawaguchi brought Yuuma to a Toy Store, asking if they could use the battle system. The store manager agreed, but following up "Meijin, if you don't mind..."

Meijin cut him off, "I'll sign autographs later" before the manager finish his statement. One of the teenagers noticed "He replies at three times the normal speed, too" - a famous line for Char's mobile suit's speed.

Meijin said Yuuma will use the Amazing Red Warrior while he will fight using Lightning, the Gunpla that Yuuma built.

Model damage set to C. "I don't mind praising myself" Mejin Kawaguchi told himself as he looked at his Amazing Red Warrior Gunpla.

"You've built such a great machine, then why, Kousaka?!" Meijin shouted.

"You're so-called "best" is just the limit you've placed on yourself." - Meijin Kawaguchi

"It's not my Gunpla's performance... I still have room for improvement. I can break the limits that I created and change myself." - Yuuma

"Meijin, please give me one more battle." - Yuuma
"As many times as you like." - Mejin Kawaguchi

The battle between Lady Kawaguchi and Hoshino began.

"You can't manage the weapons that you made yourself." - Lady Kawaguchi

What a disgraceful Gunpla! - Lady Kawaguchi

Lady Kawaguchi's Gunpla is Maryu Kakusei.

"Do you understand now what you're lacking?" - Hoshino

"Please tell Hoshino and Yuuma that I'm fixing my Gunpla!" - Sekai
"With your building skills, fixing that Gunpla is..." - Mr. Ral

There'll be lots of strong guys like him in the national tournament. I'm getting excited! - Sekai

"I'll fix you soon Build Burning", Sekai said. Then he saw someone at the porch.

I almost thought it would be Iori Sei, but nope, it's a girl. Will she help Sekai fix the Build Burning?

Then, there's Sakai - Yuuma's rival as a builder - asking a Gunpla Club to let him join them. "But there's a guy that I have to fight!" He's really desperate to fight Yuuma, huh.

And that's the end - to watch all episodes of Gundam Build Fighters Try, watch here.

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