Wednesday, February 25, 2015

30-Day Meditation Challenge with Faith Hunter

30-day meditation challenge by Yoga instructor Faith Hunter

Remember my post about signing up on DoYouYoga and planning on taking up the 30-day meditation challenge led by Yoga instructor Faith Hunter?

I just started taking the course today! It was definitely an awesome and relaxing startup! This is my first ever yoga class and it feels a lot better when you have a guide.

Day1 Getting Started With Meditation

I like her voice, it was so calm and lovely. And I love the background music, it kind of set the mood.

What I learned today:

Getting started with meditation is just being. Allow your self to be and feel all the sensations around by closing your eyes and be with your breath.

Thank you Miss Faith. This is just the start but I am absolutely loving it.

Want to try the 30-day meditation challenge? Come on! Take the free course here.
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