Friday, February 6, 2015

#dandielyoga: I Signed Up on | @dandiely

The website has been a great source of both information and inspiration for me in my pursuit of practicing yoga. So after few months of following them on Facebook and reading their website posts, I’ve decided to finally sign up to join the community of yogis at DoYouYoga.

You can view my little DoYouYoga page at

dandiely on

I got so excited about signing up because I know this is another step on getting serious and consistent about practicing yoga. The first email I received from DoYouYoga (aside from the email verification thing) was an invitation to take free courses like the 30-Day Meditation Challenge with Yoga Instructor Faith Hunter.

The 30-Day Meditation Challenge with Yoga Instructor Faith Hunter
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I was staring at the button saying “Ready to go, dandiely? Start taking this course” but I couldn’t click it. Not. Yet.

Ready to go, dandiely? Start taking this course

I was in doubt if I would be able to do the challenge every day for 30 days and I’m afraid I can’t get it done. But I should. I must not be afraid, right? 10 minutes every day is not a big chuck of my time, but if I start practicing today, I will surely see that this 10-minute-yoga-time is the best 10-minute relaxation I could have! It was a CHALLENGE after all - and challenges are meant to be accomplished.

Since this is kind of overwhelming, I will make up my mind after 24 hours (or less) and will hit that challenge button when I'm ready.

Do you have any suggestions for me about yoga? I'd be happy to see a comment here! If you want to take the free courses like the 30-day Meditation Challenge, click here.


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