Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Few Things that I'd Like My Younger Sister to Know

Me and my sister

Me and my sister after my college graduation. One of the coolest things to ever experience - in my personal opinion - is to have a younger sister. Mine is ten years younger than me and I have to admit that we seldom have bonding moments because I almost lived my life in the city since college and work while she study in high school in the province.

I should say I am not really sweet or something to my sister - I actually teases her a lot, but of course I don't mean anything bad, just. . . pure fun.
You can check out my sister's Wattpad stories here or her blog at

My sister is somewhat introverted (like me, I supposed)  - she is highly reserved, timid, quiet and most of the time, she's with herself writing or reading or studying and stuff. She is so much like me when I was in her age - we don't like make up, we don't like fancy clothes or dresses, we got some pimple problems, we just like to study and write and read and draw a lot, and so on. Well, that's what I think she is.

We mimic the pose in the movie Pacific Rim 
We mimic the pose in the movie Pacific Rim 

As her big sister, I have this feeling that I need to be some sort of her guide or inspiration or adviser or whatever with regards to some sort of girl stuff. Nope, we never really got time for a girl talk, or maybe it's just uncomfortable or we don't used to do that so I guess, listing some here in my little online space can reach her out for now (and when she finally read this, we can talk about it so I can elaborate it more).

When I think about it, I wish somebody told me about these things when I was a teenager. But the time has gone, so I won't let this time pass again without sharing it to you.

1. The first time you fall in love is also the first time that you will get your heart broken.

Sorry, painful truth. You're going to have a few crushes. It's absolutely fine and no element on Earth could possibly stop you from experiencing it. And you have to know that it's okay - BUT you have to realize that it will also be a sign that a few boys will going to hurt your feelings, too. They will hurt you, they will disappoint you, you might get ignored by them, they might not feel the same way as you do. Despite that, don't stumble. Never force yourself to them. Like everyone says, it's part of growing up, and the only thing you need to put in your mind is that don't let them get the best of you. Don't do their home works if they ask, don't let them laugh or mock you, don't let them treat you as a personal assistant, don't let them abuse you. Kick their asses off if you have to.

2. Don't spend all your time studying ONLY. Enjoy your teenage years - explore some kind of sport, hobby, travel, or develop a hidden talent.

It's good to know that you like writing stories like I do. During my teenage days, there is no Wattpad and cellphones and I have to use ballpen and notebooks to write, but you, you have these digital stuff to help you write the best stories. But don't spend all your time on the books and mobile phones. Get outdoors, too. Raise a pet dog or cat. You might want to try Gunpla as a hobby (he he he) or try to learn how to play the guitar. Try photography. Try learning how to cook. Try yoga. There is always so much to do. It's okay that you master the talents that you already have, but you can always add some new ones. During my teenage days, I got so serious about being the best, grabbing for the honorable mentions for graduation to claim some scholarship. I got so serious that I didn't realize that I missed a lot. Don't follow me on that.

3. Drink two (2) glasses of milk daily.

I didn't know this when I was in your age, so the only thing I can do is share it with you. Drink milk. It contributes to your growth - strong bones, makes you taller - and it can also nurture your breasts. Okay, don't laugh about this for this is true. I don't know if you would like a fuller chest, but it is good! And it's great when you become a mother as well. Age is critical because bones and breasts (oh, except in pregnancy) tend to stop growing after adolescent years. I wan't you to feel great, to be much taller than I am, and you know *wink*.

4. Take good care of your face.

Pimples. We got the same problem. They say it's in our genes. But it's not too late for you. I got pimple scars, some of them are deep scars. It's difficult to heal these scars, but you, you can still prevent these zits. Don't let your face suffer. Always wash and clean your face in the morning and evening. When it's oily, try to cleanse it with water during the day. DON'T EVER pick your pimples. I can't stop myself sometimes (it's kind of involuntary when I feel stressed), but you really shouldn't do it. It can create deep pimple marks. It will ruin your skin so get your hands off of your face. Change pillow covers, bed sheets and comforters weekly or bi-weekly and don't sleep with your face touching the pillows. I am going to write a much detailed advice on this soon, so stay tuned.

We both hate make up, but we need it in special occasions. So as much as you feel embarrassed or ashamed about not knowing a thing about it, try some. Study and explore. Try a lip balm or lip gloss for now.

5. Take good care of your teeth.

Good dental health and hygiene is important. Gargle some water when you wake up in the morning. Brush your teeth few minutes after meal, especially before bedtime. Don't let your teeth build up some cavities and if you have a decayed tooth, let it be extracted right away before it cause much more problems. Decayed tooth can cause bad breath. Coffee can stain your teeth, too.

6. Your sleeping time should be around 7-9 hours. Avoid stress, smoking and alcohol.

It is critical for your growth and overall health. I suppose I don't have to explain why you have to avoid cigarettes and alcoholic beverages.

7. Try some good dresses and shoes.

You know what, I really like to have you as a shopping partner! Let's try to go shopping sometime in Divisoria! You have to try wearing dresses so you'll get comfortable with it as you grow older. When I was your age, I can't wear dresses because the people around me would say I'm boyish, that I don't like dresses. But despite all of it, I'm a girl, and I want to wear those clothes, too. Don't let them prevent you from enjoying these things.

8. Don't belittle yourself. Confidence is good for the soul.

Don't say you can't do it when you don't even try. Study and prepare. Then try. It's okay to make mistakes because you can learn from it, too.

9. You are beautiful. 

You are pretty. Take good care of yourself so you can be more beautiful.

10. Be positive. Be optimistic. Be happy.

Life. Embrace it, enjoy it. When we are too serious about it, we tend to miss the good little things in it. Don't let the negatives ruin your mood. Always be grateful. Always smile. Always try to see good in everyone.

Well, I guess that's it for now. If I ever think about something more, I'd tell you directly. Ha ha.

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