Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Gundam Build Fighters Try: Episode 17 Video and Screenshots

Watch Gundam Build Fighters Try-Episode 17: Haunted Castle Trap (English sub)

I want you to be stronger - Shia to Sekai
I like strong people - Shia to Sekai
She confessed her love? - Fumina Hoshino
The girl next to you, who is she? - Gyanko to Sekai

What's going on with you, two? - Gyanko to Sekai
Are you insulting the Gyan? - Gyanko to Shia

The SD-R Team - Gundam Build Fighters Try
In this situation, we'll easily win the second round. - The SD-R Team

You're going to eat those words! - Granko to The SD-R Team
He won't lose to you! - Shia to The SD-R Team

That's right! The winner will be... - Shia and Gyanko to The SD-R Team
Team Try Fighters! - Shia and Gyanko to The SD-R Team

Hey, that's my line. - Sekai to Shia and Gyanko
I completely missed my cue to appear. - Fumina Hoshino

That girl from Gunpla Academy really said that? - Yuuma Kousaka
She helped me fix my Gunpla although I'm her enemy - Sekai

Sekai, don't you understand her feelings? - Fumina Hoshino
Then please tell me - Sekai Kamiki

...because I don't want to, that's all - Fumina Hoshino
Simply put, Hoshino's jealous of that girl from... - Yuuma Kousaka

Don't analyze it so calmly! - Fumina Hoshino

How will we deal with Sekai's Try Burning Gundam?
This phenomenon is assimilation.

Through powerful auto-suggestion
The fighter unifies his senses with the Gunpla itself

Th machine's performance is increased more than 3 times
It's a Trans-Am System created by the fighter

The damaged to the Gunpla is reflected in the fighter's body.
Team Try Fighters

Meijin Kawaguchi and Lady Kawaguchi
Team SD-R

Team Try Fighters

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