Friday, February 6, 2015

How To Add Drop Down Navigation Menu in Blogger

I looked at my blog and I'd say "I got two navigation bars because the links and pages were not enough to fit in a single navigation."

Heck, the Blogger doesn't have an option for dropdown menu, so I can't arrange it. I've lived up with it for several months - nope! even years, can't remember.

And then one time, while exchanging ideas with another blogger/officemate about the blogger templates, I thought of searching it up on Google. WHY ON EARTH I NEVER THOUGHT OF THAT BEFORE? Well, maybe because it is the right time. Customization of Blogger takes more than just a copy-paste process of codes - you have to understand its basics so you won't break and destroy your blog's basic codes.

Googled it up and found the most interesting blog post about adding drop down menu widget in Blogger.

I chose 016-Grey Red Drop Down Menu because of its "almost" flat and simple design. Of course I won't settle with the default, I gotta change some of the codes - colors, height, width, etc - to fit my blog design.

After some modifications:

drop down menu widget for Blogger
Default design:

016-Grey Red Drop Down Menu by

Thanks to this blogger! :)

If you would want to have a drop down navigation, take a look at 24work's blog post!

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