Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Molly the 3/4 Dachshund Dog

Molly the 3/4 Dachshund Dog ♥

My admiration for dogs just started when I met my guy, PM.
Before that time, I was really, really afraid of dogs.
But that's past. I love them now.

Here's my favorite, mischievous, dog - Molly.

*insert sound of an airplane flying over the residential area*

Molly: What... is... that???

Or while she was zzzzZzzzz... so comfortably on her double-layered bed/pillow.

Or when Molly tried to contain her fear of the New Year's fireworks by cuddling with her mom Puchi. She's bigger than here mom now. Also, Puchi, the black and tan, is 100% dachshund :)

Molly took a spot next to her dad, Cholo, which is a half-dachshund and half-Pinoy dog. She's got 95% of her dad's look, color, body shape, and traits.

Molly just displayed her beautiful eyes pose.

The tip of Molly's tongue is sticking out of her mouth most of the time - it's like her tongue is longer that her mouth can accommodate - so yeah, it's peeking out. Hehe.

Molly have weird sleeping positions.

She seemed to be comfy about it, though.

And she's so sleepy now.

Molly and Cholo posed for the picture taking.

I loved this shot - Molly looking up into the sky while seated on the porch.

She liked to relax on the backyard as well.

And that's it for now! More of Molly's pictures coming soon! :)

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