Monday, April 6, 2015

Gundam Build Fighters Try: Episode 25 (Final) Video and Screenshots

Watch GUNDAM BUILD FIGHTERS TRY-Episode 25: Our Gunpla - Final episode
(English sub)

All other episodes of Gundam Build Fighters Try didn't seem to matter anymore. This episode is the best for this season! LOL! So much fun seeing Kampfer Amazing in action once again! And I just realized that I enjoy realistic fights over magical ones (because the power of GunPlas in this season seems to be unreal, with all the magical lights and fire and animals and stuff, you know it).

As much as I voted for Yuuma winning the Meijin Cup - Open Course category, I didn’t like Zeta. It’s just “not my type of Gunpla” and so is Lightning Gundam. And for once! Minato Sakai created an awesome GunPla (LOL) or should I say Gundam Girl hahaha! Super Fumina is so cute and adorable! And I like the sword of Kamiki Burning Gundam, just the sword.

Another awesome part is a battle royale of sorts when Minato raises an objection to both Meijin Kawaguchi and Lady Kawaguchi. So, Tatsuya activated the Gunpla battle system and – one by one – all of them launched their GunPlas and played! Mr. Ral and Meijin’s fight is cool and funny, too!

The bottom line – I can see a glimpse of possibility of a season 3 – which I hope to see Sei Iori and Reiji again (they are much awesome than the Team Try Fighters).

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