Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Launching my Gunpla Blog at

It's been a while since I last posted stuff, mainly because I was torn between filling this blog with everything and creating one blog for one category.

Especially with Gunpla. It invaded this blog so recently and whenever I look at this blog, I would ask myself, what about my random thoughts section? My beginning at yoga? My artworks?

So this month of June, I launched my new and separate blog for Gunpla/Gundam and it is named:

GUNPLA Girl dandiely
As of today, I still haven't decided if I should remove my posts about Gunpla in this blog. I am also thinking about putting this blog to a halt and importing everything I like to import to my new personal blog (I still can't make up my mind about its new name).

I am thinking about "dandielyPH" or "Angel Lea M" - should I use my online name or my real name? 

I still don't know how to move forward but the first thing I'm sure is my Gunpla blog. So better stay tuned for updates! Thanks!

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