Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Cabal-Inspired Cup From my Beloved PM

Scenario: I just arrived to his place and went directly to his side while he's using his computer.

PM: Can you get something for me? It's on my bed(or his couch/sofa).
AM: Sure. What's it?
PM: The white box.
AM: Okay. (Immediately grabbed the plain, white box and handed it to him).
PM: It's for you.
AM: Oh! (Eyes suddenly shining with stars while I opening the box) Wooooooooow!

It's a white CUP and the digital drawing he made - Chibi version of our Cabal Online characters - were printed on it!
It's so cooooooooooooool! I absolutely love it! :)

It's his gift for our second-year anniversary :) Sweet!

Curious how our characters look like in-game at Cabal Online?
Here it is!

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