Thursday, October 29, 2015

Free HTML and CSS Courses from!

Last week, my friend Art Li and Stuff sent me a link to - which offers FREE courses in markup languages (HTML and CSS) and web programming languages (Javascript, JQuery, SQL, to name a few).

With their tagline "Teaching the world how to code," Codecademy showcases interactive learning on their website. You may need to sign up to enjoy these free courses. I already did! Like in a virtual world, we need to grind and earn EXP (as in experience) in our jobs or skills. This is a great opportunity because it is free!

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The HTML & CSS courses already have more than 4.5 million students!

I finished the HTML & CSS courses in two days only (roughly 1-2 hours per day) and it was awesome! Yeah, granted, I already have intermediate knowledge so the first two courses were easy. The next in line, JavaScript, is making me so excited now! You can visit my profile at dandiely.

I highly recommend this website! :) Come on and learn how to code! - Learn how to code

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