Wednesday, October 28, 2015

How to Find My IP Address

How to Find My IP Address

As per Google,  IP addresses are assigned by your mobile carrier, Internet service provider, or workplace, and are usually assigned based on your physical location.

In Philippines, mobile carriers could be Globe Telecom, Smart Communications, Sun Cellular, etc. Internet service providers are PLDT, Bayantel, and mobile carriers as well.

What is IP Address?

An Internet Protocol address (or IP address) is a unique string of numbers that identifies a device (like computer or printer) that uses the Internet Protocol for communicating over a network.

How to Find My IP Address

  • On search box, type in "what is my IP"
  • You will see the IP address of the device you searched from.
You can check our more information about IP addresses, how it works, and how Google uses our IP addresses here.

So why do I suddenly post something about IP address?

There has been two occurrences where my sister and my mother's email accounts were signed-in from a different location (different IP address detected by Google Mail) and I was wondering why. I Googled that certain IP and some results were pointing to Opera Mini Software. I wondered if they used Opera Mini to login.

I guess I will be doing some quick investigation on this just to make sure that their email accounts were not compromised. (We've changed passwords as well).

Have you ever encountered issues like this with your email accounts? What did you do?

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