Friday, March 18, 2016

Tips to Get the Recognition We Deserve

Tips to Get the Recognition We Deserve
Sometimes, even when you consistently work hard, people can often overlook your efforts. You might have helped a colleague in a difficult project, presented a successful proposal, or came up with a great idea and yet you received no praise, appreciation, or recognition for your hard work.

At some point, all of us might have been there. You might have considered talking to your manager about it. But the problem is, it's very disappointing when you have to ask for recognition yourself. Like Cord Himelstein, a vice president of marketing for employee recognition firm, said, recognition is most effective if it's sincere. Imagine how satisfying and rewarding the feeling would be if you are recognized without you demanding it. It would seem like you're whining or being too proud of yourself when you make a direct request.
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Why Should We Work on Getting Noticed?

If people overlooked your hard work, you might not be considered for new projects, responsibilities, awards, and worse, promotions. That's why we need to be visible at work!

I researched on some tips and strategies that to get noticed in our workplace, and I'm sharing it with you today.
Be the change that you wish to see in the world.
— Mahatma Gandhi

Start with yourself - be confident

Sometimes, people don't get recognition because they are too shy to acknowledge their achievements and showcase their skills. If a single manager is handling a department or account with too many associates, chances are they might not be able to check how each person is doing. So if an opportunity to prove yourself, grab it. Say, for example, a temporary task will be assigned to a few people in your department, go ahead and volunteer. Provide them your previous accomplishments or skills that will help your department to complete the task.

Praise and appreciate your colleagues

Most employees think they are unappreciated at work and it can negatively impact their job performance and work environment. Taking time to recognize the hard work of your colleagues (you are not the only one whose putting their best foot forward) can promote positive office culture and encourage other to have the same attitude.

Remember: It can start with you. Spread and infect everyone with the value of appreciation. It can also boost someone's self confidence.

Communicate with your boss

Share your accomplishments with your boss regularly and make sure to include them in your annual performance review. You may also ask your superior if they have some advice for you to improve more on your field.

Provide credits for your coworkers

You may be a part of a team or department, so praising your team mates for their achievements would work as well for you.

Share what you achieved

Take time to join a coffee or lunch time with some coworkers and start a conversation. Ask about their experiences so you can also open up and share your recent achievements. That way, more people will know about your hard work.

Kindly accept compliments

When you are recognized, even for small things, always accept the praise and say thank you.

Use "formal recognition tools"

If your company or organization has an existing award system (example, you can nominate an employee of the month), actively participate in it.

Take additional responsibilities when possible

You don't need to overworked yourself, but if there are new projects, tasks, or a role that will help you improve (or showcase) your skills, take advantage of it. While you do this, make sure that you still give your best in your main job.

Get involved with your organization's events

Spend time talking to coworkers and participate in events to build networks and be more visible to other people within your organization.

* * * *

And that's it. Recognized or not, I believe we should always give our best shot at work, not only for recognition, but for self improvement and career growth. They might not shower you with awards, but you will learn enough knowledge and experience to level up your career, in or outside your current organization.

So always stay positive! xoxo

Do you have any other ideas to share? :)

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