Friday, March 11, 2016

Watch Marvel's Captain America: Civil War 2nd Trailer

Marvel's Captain America: Civil War

There are tears of joy in my eyes at the end of the movie trailer. Now it's your turn!

So excited to see the Captain America: Civil War movie (and of course Iron Man) in Philippine cinemas this April 27, 2016! ♥ Spiderman's appearance is a big WHOA! for me and it's more fun because he's #teamIRONMAN, too!

Can't view the video? Take a look at some screenshots here.
Now, Bucky shoots War Machine right on its arc reactor. Will Rhodey die? No one knows :(

We are all familiar with this little fella flying between Iron Man's fingers - Ant Man.

Ahh... the classic repulsor blast pose - so majestic *melts in awe*

#teamIRONMAN versus #teamCAPTAIN - which side will you fight for?

Now, tony explains the BIG catch!

*drum rolls*

Finaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally! Spiderman!!!!!!! *tears of joy and excitement*
But wait, seems like Spidey has gone some weird changes in his costume! Take a look at a blog post about it at

He squints - reminds me of Deadpool LOL

There you have it! :) Forever #teamIRONMAN ♥♥♥

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