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Increase Your Sales Using Facebook Page's Shop Section

Increase Your Sales Using Facebook Page's Shop Section

Like most small businesses, you wondered how to get your business noticed online without spending too much $$ in advertising. If don't have a website for your small business yet, utilizing the power of social media is a great way to start

Create an Online Shop in Your Facebook Page

Recently, Facebook introduced a new Facebook Page section - the SHOP - but this feature was currently being tested and might not be available for all Facebook Pages yet. In this section, you can upload product images and post their corresponding prices and details.

As a social media marketer for my mother's business (upcycled bags), I waited until the Shop section has been activated for her Facebook Page last March 26, 2016. I decided to test this new Facebook function right away and see how it can help a small business (like my mom's) get noticed online.

Benefits of a Shop Section in Facebook Page

  • It's FREE
    • As of this writing, Facebook Shop section is free for all Facebook Pages.
    • You don't have to spend a single centavo to pay for an online shop (although in order to access it, you need to pay bills for your internet connection and electric consumption).
  • Instant product catalog
    • You can showcase your products (like an online shop) even without a website.
    • This feature works way much better than creating a photo album of product images.
  • Sell products directly at your Page
    • Your customers can browse and buy them right away without leaving your Page.
  • Accessible on any device
    • They can view your Shop on any device (desktop, tablet or mobile).
  • Customer inquiry available
    • The Shop section allows your customer to message you on your Facebook Page or through Facebook Messenger if they have questions about a specific product
  • Get insights
    • You can see and track the views, likes, comments, messages and clicks each product has made. 
  • Promote your product using Facebook Ads (not free but optional)
    • The Boost button is available for each product, in case you want it to reach more people
These are some of the reasons why you should add a Shop section on your Facebook Page. You really have to try it!

Why Facebook Page Shop is Great for Small Businesses

Developing and maintaining an e-commerce website is a bit expensive for start-up businesses that don't have much funds allocated for advertising or digital marketing. So if you are a new entrepreneur and you're trying to build your small business, Facebook Page's Shop section is a great way to build your online store. It's free, easy to setup, and you can be visible to your potential customers right away!

Turn Your Page Follower into a Customer

I remembered when I uploaded the very first product in the Shop section, a Page follower IMMEDIATELY liked the product, sent a message, and ordered a bag! I imagined her seeing the product post in her news feed and said "Wow, they got a shop in Facebook - and the price and details are already available. I like the red-colored bag. I will click the Message button to inquire and order."

From a simple Page follower, she became a customer!

Why You Should Invest in Social Media Marketing

First and foremost, promoting your products or services in social media channels is (mostly) FREE. You can choose to run some ads but it can be optional. The main target here is reaching out your customers right on their news feed.

Share and spread your content

  • Sharing your blog posts and website pages in social media channels can actually boost your rankings in search engines - but don't just post the link - add some keywords or sentences to encourage your viewers to read more.
  •  If you don't have a website (I can help you build one, just send me a message), you can create simple blog posts using Facebook Notes.
  • Here are some ideas on what to content to post:
    • How does your product help (or satisfy) your customers?
    • Frequently Asked Questions
    • How to Order
    • Payment Methods 
    • Delivery Options
    • Price List
    • Product Details

Build your reputation and customer service skills

  • Create and build your Facebook page, Twitter, or Instagram account and you already have the means to to reach to your customers by engaging or interacting with them right on their news feed.
    • Reply to queries as soon as possible (so they won't take you as a snob).

    Follow and engage with your audience

    • In Facebook, you may occasionally hold an event, promo or games to win freebies once in a while. 
      • Example, a "Like and Share" the post to win stuff. This kind of social media activity can boost traffic and add more likes to your Page - so the next time you post, you will reach more people (I'm gonna try this really soon in Dyaryo Bags for Life Facebook).
    • In Twitter and Instagram, you can follow your potential customers and observe their posts
      • Example: The kind of bags they post would mean their preferences of style, colors, or brand.
      • Post "meaningful" comments on their tweets and posts (and by "meaningful," I mean comments that are worth reading or encourages response). Don't post a "copy+paste" long introductions to invite them to buy. Instead, initiate a conversation, like asking what they really like product they posted, or ask why they choose that instead of others. Know your customers' wants, and what they don't like and use these data to improve your own products or services.
    And that's how I think social media can help your business grow. Now if you need some professional services (if you need a Page admin or help in building up your Facebook Shop), send me a message and let's talk about it. :)

    That's it! If you are planning to sell your products online, I really encourage you to create a Shop section on your Facebook Page.


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