Thursday, April 14, 2016

Quick Peek: Shop Section on Facebook Page

Have you added a Shop section on your Facebook Page yet? If not, I recommend that you try this new feature on Facebook, especially if you would like to sell products online.

In my previous blog post, I mentioned some benefits of having a Shop section on your Facebook page. Today, I am going to show you some of its features.

How to Add the Shop Section on your Page

You might have visited the Facebook Help Center for instructions, but if the article didn't answer all your questions, the following might be.

1. If you are accessing the desktop version of Facebook, you will see the Add a Section button on the far end of the menu bar (Timeline, About, Photos, etc) like this example below from Facebook):

How to Add the Shop Section on your Page

2. If you are using mobile version of Facebook, go to your Facebook Page and click the Get Started button, like the image below.

How to Add the Shop Section on your Page

NOTE: The frustrating part - this feature is not available to all Facebook Pages yet since it is still being tested. So how did I manage to add the section? There's no magic, though - there's only patience.

My personal blog's Facebook Page was the first to have this section (among the few Facebook Pages I manage). The button seemed to appear randomly on the Page's timeline - so GRAB the chance to click it when you see it! It only takes a few clicks to initially set the Shop up - selecting currency, adding a description on what you're selling, then save. You can customize it later on.

The "Patience-is-a-Virtue" Part

The difficult situation I encountered was that I wanted to add this section on my mom's upcycled bags (local business) page, but I couldn't see that Add a Section button no matter how many times I refreshed the page. It's a really exhausting experience!

I attempted to mimic the web address in the hopes of triggering the button to appear. I pasted the Facebook link and added the word shop after it: because it was the format of the shop's URL. However, it just kept on redirecting me to a not-found page and telling me that the page is not valid or correct. Fine, so I waited.

Then, one time, my brother asked me to like his new Page on Facebook - Kira Developer. I reviewed his page contents and recommended a few edits here and there. I suggested that he add me up as an admin so I can make the changes when he's not available, too. Few days later on, I accessed his page again as an admin, and BOOM, the image above (mobile version) showed up - I was so excited I saw it again. So I added a shop for his page, too!

After that encounter, the Add a Section button suddenly appeared on all the Facebook pages I managed! Worked like a magic, but no, I don't think so. And oh, please note that I'm based in the Philippines, and the Shop section might have been available in this location at some point.

What Can You Do with a Page's Shop Section?

Once you've already activated your Shop section, you're going to see something like below.

Add Products to Facebook Page's Shop Section

Timeline tab

  • The Shop is currently empty - at this point, only admins can see the Shop.
  • The Shop link will also be visible in the tabs together with Timeline, About, Photos, Reviews, etc.

Shop link

  • Click the See Shop or select the Shop tab to view the full page of the Shop.
  • You can also access it by adding the " /shop " on your Page's link.

Call to Action button

  • You can now use your Call-to-action button to go your Page's Shop section by choosing the "Shop Now"
Shop Now button will link to the shop section of your Page

Add Products to Your Shop

Click the Add Products button to upload product details and images.
  1. Add Photos - at least 1 image is required to be uploaded and must be the image of the actual product, not a graphical illustration or icon. Images with call-to-action texts are not allowed, too! Read all image guidelines on Facebook Help Center.
  2. Name - indicate the name of the product.
  3. Price - add the price of the item (only numbers are allowed). You can't add a price range - meaning, you should only include the final and exact price of your product.
  4. Description - list the products details here.
  5. Feature this product - activate this option if you want it to be featured on the Page's Timeline.
  6. Automatically Share - will automatically post the new product on your Page once you save it.
Add Products to Your Shop

Viewing a Product

Visible only to Page Admin:
  • Edit Product and Boost Product buttons
  • Product insights: Views and Message Sends
Visible to Page Public:
  • Product Name, Price, and Details
  • Message button (customers can privately message your Page to inquire about the product)
  • Like, Comment, and Share functions (people can comment on your product and share it on their news feed.
Viewing a Product in Facebook Page's Shop

Featured Products

The featured products are displayed on the top of the Page's Timeline.

featured products are displayed on the top of the Page's Timeline

The Full Page of the Shop Section

So when you've already added the products, it showcases your Shop like an online, ecommerce store. You can edit your Shop's description on this part and a Subscribe button is displayed for customers to click if they would like to get notifications when your Page adds new products.

I might missed out a few features but that's the common stuff you'll see in a Facebook Shop. What do you think about it? Let me know your comments! :)

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