Welcome to my personal blog!

I am Angel Lea Madriñan also known as dandiely.

I am an illustrator, a web designer, a Gunpla hobbyist, an online gamer and a blogger!

I was raised in the province of Bulacan and currently residing in Makati City, Philippines.

I took up Bachelor of Fine Arts major in Advertising Arts in college.

My interest about arts in general started when I was in day care as I already displayed enthusiasm in drawing (my grandparents say so). When I was in Grade 4 (elementary), I already created comic strips on the back pages of my school notebooks! In high school, I already bought separate notebooks for my comics and graphic stories! I also participated in poster making contests and became the school event's stage designer. I graduated in high school with the Artist of the Year award.

Random Things About Me (in Random Order, too):

I am left-handed and I feel so cool because of it! :)

My grandfather forced me to write using my right hand. One short story from the textbook should be rewritten using my right hand. Later on I can write using both hands. But my brain still favored the left. I draw using my left hand.

I'm a small fella.

I love to draw faces of people and my favorite art tools are pencils and sketch pads! I use Adobe Photoshop for digital artworks, together with my [drawing] pen tablet.

I once feared dogs so badly, but just last year, I am beginning to appreciate and love them, especially dachshunds and the fluffy ones. Pictures of dogs flooded my Instagram! Check it out!

My favorite movie and movie character is Iron Man.

I love Sci-Fi / tech / outer space / alien / mystical animals / medieval / history / mythology kind of movies!

I am a reader of Mr. Nicholas Sparks, the author of the best-selling novels like The Notebook, A Walk to Remember, Dear John, etc. Check out my post about his visit here in the Philippines or take a peek of my Nicholas Sparks novel collection.

I’m kind of nerdy. I love school. I even created an educational blog – Notebook Ni Angel. There was a time I wanted to become a teacher. Well, I still do!

I can't cook. I mean, I used to cook rice and fried eggs and hotdogs before. I really want to start learning how to cook but I can’t summon the courage and guts to do it and I don’t know why. I love to eat, though!

I eat oat meals without water. Really! Just the oat meal (plus some chocolate or milk powder). It tastes fantastic!

I have a few blogs and I want to create more. Haha! I have an educational blog, my mom's business blogsite, my portfolio website, my Cabal Online blog.

I love coffee! I mean, I do love coffee. Especially PM's special coffee! :)

I dreamed of becoming an astronaut and a gundam pilot!

I want to create my own anime series someday. Even though I am now in the field of web design, this dream of becoming an anime creator is still inside of me.

Do you know Kirito and Asuna? Yep, I'm also a fan of the anime series Sword Art Online! That includes its sequels – Alfheim Online, Gun Gale Online, Calibur Arc.

Speaking of online games, I play Cabal Online (Philippine Server) and SD Gundam Capsule Fighter (SEA Server) – my in-game name is, of course, dandiely!

I really like these anime series - Gundam Wing, 00 Gundam and Gundam Build Fighters! Actually, I like all Gundams in general!

I’ve been hooked into Gunpla building recently! PM influenced me into this. Never heart of gunpla? It is gundam plastic model kit. Check out my post to know more about it or take a look at my gunpla collection! See this image on the right? This is me inside a Gunpla hobby shop! So many gunplas! Wanna buy them all! Ha ha!

I tend to hoard stuff like papers, notebook, journals, ballpens, boxes and any other material that can be recycled!

I dreamed of owning a horse someday. I mean, I want a pet horse. Could be brown or white!

I love music. I used to compose my own songs when I was in high school. ♫♪ I can play lyre (similar to xylophone), guitar and a bit of keyboard. Playing music and singing are some of our (me and PM) favorite bonding moments! PM is a very, very great guitarist and keyboardist! I’m his number one fan - or two, next to his mom! Ha ha!

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