Blogs I Read

Here are the blogs I read (in random but categorized order).

Bags and Eco-friendly Crafts

Dyaryo Bags for Life - my mom's business blogsite: she create and sell woven bags made from newspapers!

GUNPLA & GUNDAM Blogs & websites:

Gunpla Girl dandiely - my Gunpla Blog!

Gunpla Girls - passionate female gunpla builders

Gundam Guy - gundam / gunpla news, info, and more!

Gundam Kits Collection

Zero Four Gundam - Gunpla model kit seller

Wasabi Toys - Gunpla Shop

Great Toys Online - Gunpla Shop

Special Toy Center - Gunpla Shop

Best Toys Collectors - Gunpla Shop

Yoga Blogs

The personal indie-lifestyle blog of Ché Dyer - illustrator and yoga teacher in training.

Do You Yoga - articles, visuals, tips and more about Yoga!

Katherine Smith Yoga - Yoga teacher. Retreat Leader. Writer. Ayurvedic Chef.

Art & Crafts / Illustration / Graphic Designer Blogs

indieBerries - a personal cartoon blog of Ms. Ché! a lover of stationery, washi tapes and yoga!

Design by Danielle

DesignWorks NY, LLC - marketing communications and graphic design firm

How About Orange - Textile design, DIYs and more from Jessica Jones

HJ-Story - So cute illustrations, love cards and more! Check it out ! ♥

Rose Hill Designs - art blog of Heather! cute illustrations!

Gi Det Videre | Pay It Forward - paper arts, paper crafts, calendars, origami, cards and more by Irene!

Art Li and Stuff - a lover of shoes, an art enthusiast and a crafter who make scarf, cowl, beanies and so on! I bought some of it!

Krisha and Everything She Loves - Food, travel, books and random stuff that Krisha loves!

Beauty, Fashion, Food, Health, Travel and Gadgets Blogs

Lauren Conrad - All things lovely and chic - Travel and culture blog - Discover Japan through the eyes of a seasoned traveler

Chilipina - Ayzee's blog about beauty, fashion, food, travel, gadgets and more!

Make it Blissful - home and living, blogging, inspiration, creativity and lifelong learning

Pink my Ride - Explore, Enjoy, Enrich, Experience by Carmel David

Wandering Siopau - an artist who loves food and travel!

Geek Girl Manila - Geek stuff, fashion, shopping, tech reviews, health and beauty tips!

I am Krissy - positive thoughts and pretty things at Krissy's blog!

Nina Pineda - fashion, girl stuff, and beauty tips!

Web Design, SEO, Internet, Blogger Blog(s)

1stwebdesigner - all about web design

Moz - Beginner's Guide to SEO

StaticHomePage - blog about web development, SEO strategies, internet marketing and more

How to Build A Blog - Blogging Tips, Tutorials and so much more!

Quotes and Inspiration Blog(s)

Simple Reminders - Wonderful blog about life reminders, thoughts, positivity, quotes and more!

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