What's dandiely?

It is totally unrelated to my name, so most of you might ask:

What's the meaning of dandiely?

Dandelion and dandiely

When I was a kid, I bought a box of Crayola with 36 different colors in it. That's where I saw the yellow color named dandelion. During that time, I supposed to believe that it is a color name. So when I drew a female protagonist for my next comic strip, I made the name "dandiely" (pronounced as dan’-di-li) and her hair color was yellow (unfortunately, the comics have been misplaced by a cousin of mine).

Years later, I researched about it and found out that it was actually a grass. Dandelion is a wild grass commonly found in Eurasia. Winds can blow them off of the flower's head (it is called wind dispersal of dandelion seeds) and when I was a child, I grabbed the seeds that I saw floating in the air. I believed it was an angel – so I held it in my hands, make a wish, and then blow it up back into the air.

I derived the name "dandiely" from a wild, flowering grass called "dandelion."

Dandelion has become my favourite flower, but as of this writing, I really haven’t seen it for real (the plant itself). And to make the picture clear, dandelion flower heads have two kinds – a head composed of hundreds of smaller florets (left)or a seed head (right). (See this image below – from Wikipedia)

dandelion flower head and seed head

So, where else can you find "dandiely"?

I have been using dandiely ever since I created it. It has become my code name, pen name, online game name, and I’ve actually decided that my daughter (in the future) will be named dandiely as well.

dandiely as social media username

Most of my social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Wattpad are under this pen name of mine.

dandiely as online game name

When you search "dandiely" in the internet, you might click onto http://dandiely.wordpress.com; worry not because it’s also mine. The mentioned WordPress site is my blog about Cabal Online Philippines. I have been an active online gamer for more than four years and just got inactive to prioritize on levelling up in real life. It’s a big thing to have given it up but it opened more opportunities to focus on like this blog. I’m still active on the blog itself, though.

I recently signed up for SD Gundam Online (Capsule Fighter) but I seldom play because my laptop can’t handle the graphics for so long – but if you ever bumped with a newbie player named dandiely, that’s me. Ha ha!

dandiely as an iconic symbol
The picture above is a vector art inspired by my Cabal Online's character dandiely – an Asian girl with bangs and bobcat short hair and emerald eyes. I first used this chibi dandiely in my Cabal Blog. Lately, I’m thinking of revamping some elements of this blog, including this vector art and incorporating the dandelion flower.

You might be wondering what does dandiely looked like inside Cabal Online game,
so here it is with my cute pet Garlie!

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  1. Hello, miss angel!! You're really awesome!! I'm playing cabal ph before. . How I wish I could play with you in the Nation war arena!!


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