Thursday, August 5, 2010

Integration Paper in Sociology 1

Well, how could I start? From where? How long? How deep? What should I say? Am I capable of doing this paper? Anyway, I can say that I learned many things from this subject. Actually, I like this subject very much, not because it’s not like NatSci or Math or English that you have to solve formulas, equations or check the grammar but because it is something like evaluating yourself, your beliefs and opinions, weaknesses or strengths, vision and goals, glee or agony. Yes, I can say that the good thing here is that point of views can be presented and argued, and through the different sociological perspectives, arguments can be cleared, either accepted or rejected. Another great thing here is that I can have my self-reflections through the questions being discussed. That stuff is really very helpful because whenever I answer a question from that, I discover something about myself and I will star t to think and brainstorm with it.

Our Sociology class, as a matter of fact, is a very refreshing class. I can see that my classmates also appreciate this subject so much. Whenever we stepped in the room for Socio class, it seems that it’s a relief from the time-demanding plates for our major subjects – that we can rest and relax our mind by learning new things about our own behavior.

But it is such a wonderful thing that I encountered a professor, or merely a person, who has such kind of thinking power (maybe, all sociologists possess that kind of mind). She often contradicts my opinions (that is actually playing on my mind) but I often found her right and it seems that I was enlightened by what she said. And that’s the beauty of hearing the opposite side. I also often applied her teachings in my self and in my daily living. Good for me. One notable lesson there is I discovered (or can I say realized) that we are living in a world of laws, a bunch of patterns of norms and so many procedures that should be repeated everyday. I remember my silly question – what if the night is when people go to school or work and the day is spend for sleeping? Will the norms, the laws and the procedures be changed?

Another thing that I like about her teaching techniques is that whenever she ends up her discussion with an expression of "…(but) I don’t know about you." Whenever she expresses that, I always caught myself asking " Yah, what about me? Agree or not? Why?" and so on.

Another silly thing there is that we often use the terms we learned in sociology. Example was the gossip (because I don’t know if it is true) about one of the FEU’s basketball player who sold his game (or the whole game itself) to the Ateneo. Well can we say that he is a sort of a deviant? ^_^ There’s a lot good thing about Sociology for me. I remember when I was in a semi-hallucination state because I was so depressed that day. Suicide plays in my mind. But what I was thinking of was not how to do it, but rather the last discussion we have about the types of suicide. “Hey, am I in the egoistic side? Or in the anomic part?” That was really funny. I forgot about planning for suicide (because I know I’m not that serious enough). Actually, I could remember that I look for my notebook to see my notes in types of suicide and review it. ^_^

What I love the most in this subject happened during my report about MacDonaldization of Society. When I was studying my report, I am once again enlightened about eating in a fast food restaurant (actually, that time, we often eat in Jollibee). Well, I love reporting most of all (in types of school activities) that’s why I prepare my report very well. One of my classmates told me (after reporting), "You're great! Did you see our professor? The smile on her face never fades when you are reporting." I was so glad hearing that (even if I am not sure if that’s true). But somehow, what’s important to me is that they appreciate my report. Very accomplished!Wait? Do I really have to tell all those things that I learned, acquired and accomplished in this subject? Three pages are not enough. In behalf of all those things, there’s just one thing that I wanted to say, "I am not disappointed for expecting this subject to be one of the best in this semester."

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