Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sometimes, just sometimes, I missed my dad.

Sometimes, just sometimes, I missed my dad.

Sometimes, just sometimes, I missed my dad.

There are moments in life where you would found yourself reminiscing about certain circumstances that happened in your past. You would feel various emotions, sometimes good, sometimes not. You would regret or cry. You'd wish you have done the other way, or you have done it better than what you did. You would realize how immature, naive or innocent you acted.

But as we all know, that was all that we could do about 'memories.' As much as we wanted to change it, things do not go the way we always wanted it to be. And the last thing that we could actually do, the thing that I think we could do, was to dream.
Maybe, a lot of people already told and wrote what I said in those two paragraphs but I'm sure they wouldn't really mind if I cited it here. My point was that I have this feelings that I know I should express... to whom? Of this I'm not sure, but maybe through this blog, I would free myself from the pain that it caused.

And like I said in the title, I 'sometimes' missed my dad. He would certainly pop up in my mind when I see a father figure.

Like yesterday.

My aunt and I went to our friend's home two hours away from our boarding house. We actually spent the night there. And that friend was actually a 'father.'

He have a son and daughter, 7 and 11 years old respectively. The kids were actually our friends, too. We did a lot of talking and chatting and laughing, playing online game and eating fries and dinner.

I witnessed how close they are to each other. I see how good he was to his children. He was really a good father, maybe not great, but he was good, and that was more than enough. I saw the daughter as she laid down beside his father when it was already bedtime. She easily slipped into his father's arm and curled into him.

Just when I saw that very moment, there was only one thing I could only think about...

I want to do that, too.

I put the thought away as quickly as it came because I need to fight the tears from coming out.

Still, I want that.

I need a father's love.

And, just so you know, I couldn't continue writing this anymore. Being emotional while writing was a hard thing to do. At least, I summoned the words...

I need a father's love.

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  1. Life is short angel, no matter what happen before is now in the past... you, bryan, pandoy and camille must accept the fact that no one is perfect in this world... one example of that is us, mama bebe and papa manny... though they are not together anymore... we as a family can still manage to be happy on both side(when we are with mama and tito honorio and when we are with papa and tita ligaya... lets give the a change to find what will make them happy as well... and we as their children should learn to appreciate things... and be happy in the most simpliest way of just being with them... katulad ng lagi kong sinasabi, "Makita at makasama ko lang sila OK na sa kin, kahit pa wala silang maibigay sa kin. Ang importante nakasama ko sila at nakita ko silang masaya." - Tita Grace


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