Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What does it takes to be a CABAL GM?

For what seems like forever, playing Cabal for almost two years is something that I not only come to like as a past time, but a passion I come to love. The game has become a part of who I am. I may not be the most powerful player in the whole Cabal universe, but I really don’t mind actually. As a matter of fact, it gives me more reasons to persevere in making my character stronger for the next day. After all, I am not really into being the best that can beat everyone. I am into building families and friends.

Then, a guildmate told me about the new quest given by CM Vinse – a series of missions to become a Cabal GM for one day. In my imagination, I hear my guildmate asking the question written in cabal blog - if you would be given a chance to become a Cabal GM, what would I do and why?

Of course, there’s only one thing I will surely do. I will voice out the wishes and suggestions of my fellow Cabalists and do something to make it happen. Sure enough that I can’t make it all come true, but proposing solutions or providing suggestions are just about the same as showing care and collaborating for the improvement of the game.

One of the suggestions I might bring to discussion and brainstorming is to bring back the thirty-two (32) channels of each server. Because I have a background in advertising, I come to a possible fact that many Cabalists might stop playing or the potential players might not go further because channels are always crowded and everyone cannot enter the servers. There might be a decrease in premium sales, but if there are more players who can play, there are much more players who can buy from the item shop.

We might also discuss on how to attract more female players, or how we could minimize scam issues. I am thinking about inter-guild events and cosplays and creating comics.

We might also discuss a contest on how Cabal changed your world or life, or inspiring stories that our players might share, because I already witnessed some of it. We might put it in the game as a quest, a sort of slideshow (like when Aike died in Arionell’s arms). I don’t know how we can possibly do that, but we can always discuss about it so we can share it to everyone. We might do a video or movie of it. Since it is only one day and I am not familiar with the internal operations or processes, I think the best thing that I could do is to give suggestions.

Moreover, I would like to have an event; something that does not really required certain levels or channels or types – something fun that everyone, even the level 1, can join. Like organizing a “Hide-and-seek: Find the GM.” The target would undress and may hide from the bushes or the behind the rocks. Me and my buddies often do that and we provide entry items or some alz as rewards. They may up to the rewards, but at least it was fun. We might organize a “Follow-me” or “Dash-to-finish-line” racing event, or a “Dance challenge.” We would request everyone to line up and dance, we would record some video and the group or town with perfect dance will win items or buffs or anything else we could provide. I would like to have events that the main goal is bonding. I want the players, and the potential players, to realize that there is more in Cabal than just playing and leveling up. I want them to realize that we are one family here.

On the other hand, working as a GM would mean working inside the system. You would be providing me access and information that might be confidential, and I surely know that the consequences are very serious. Anything confidential is confidential, that’s why we call it that way. I wouldn’t mess with the system or the staff; I don’t want to lose Cabal just because I take the chance for granted. So if you would request that I do the game monitoring, give me the instructions and that is all I would do. Following rules is something that I can really do and I will do it with all my heart.

It is not everyday that a player would be given a chance to become a GM, and I am sure that no one will mess up the opportunity. It is my dream and bliss to work with the persons behind the game I love. It is wonderful and overwhelming to realize that through that chance I can contribute and help my fellow Cabalists. For I treat Cabal as a world I also live in, with a family that I care about as well.
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