Thursday, October 23, 2014

I Walk a Distance of 3.6 Kilometers Everyday

Morning walk - BGC

Here's a view of my morning walk!

Last March 2014, the company where I work has moved to a new location in Taguig City. The adventures and obstacles – just exaggerating, by that I mean the traveling time, traffic and transportation – would become more tiresome and difficult. In my mind, that was my chance to move closer to office. Many of us (officemates) have moved to places near the office area and I was one of those who walk going to work.

Just yesterday, my office seatmate asked me where exactly my boarding house is. She knew I walk my way here every day for about 15 – 25 minutes (depending on the speed of my walk, and please note, I walk pretty fast – as in fast). I showed it to her on Google Maps and the first thing she said was “That’s very, very far!” with somewhat disbelief in her voice. She asked if I was able to bear that kind of “long” walk. I knew I do, I haven’t given up yet, nor I have plans to. She asked why I didn’t move to a much closer place. Well, I told her that the place I’m in was pretty good and I’ve got no problems with the walking thing.

Today, I asked myself a question – how many kilometers is the distance from our house to the office? All this time, I never thought of this, and now I wonder why. I suddenly wanted accurate details of my walk. So I hit Google Maps again, used the Directions function, and it showed 1.8 kilometers. I walked 1.8km from home to office at 6AM, another 1.8km back home at 4PM, so that’s 3.6 kilometers of walking every day. I don’t know, but for most people I know, they would say that’s pretty far and they might not be able to do that five days a week.

But I can – and I felt so good by that alone. I have strong legs and feet which got even stronger because of my regular walk. It’s not only a means of transportation to me; it’s also a form of exercise. I should admit that sometimes, my legs were hurting and my feet were tired. And in some few cases of sluggishness, I’d ride a jeep to go home. But these couldn’t stop me from walking. It has become a daily habit that I learned to endure, and at the same time, enjoy. I came to love the sweats getting out of my body after walk and knew that some calories were burning inside of me. Walking has its benefits and I should grab those since I’m not really into any exercise routines (but I’m planning to do yoga – still trying to study its basics, will post about it soon!).

So if you, dear reader, find it hard to walk too far, it’s okay. Some were born with an athletic strength; some were able to get used to it (like me!) and you can gradually train yourself to walk far and increase distance every now and then. Our bodies are capable of that, I so much believe.

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