Thursday, November 6, 2014

Psychology of Colors

As a student in Fine Arts, one of the things I definitely learned in school is the psychology of colors. A hue can portray and deliver various meanings and have different effects in the eyes of the viewers. Importing from my Notebook Ni Angel educational blog, here are the meaning of colors!

psychology and meaning of colors

- evil, unknown, heaviness, strength

Blue and Greenish Blues
- winter, coolness, ice, snow, water

Dark Blues
- royalty, haughtiness, formality

Dark Green
- cheapness, coldness

- death, mourning

Deep Red, Deep Purple and Gold
- rich quality, stateliness, formality

- Growth, life, enviousness, spring, youth, coolness, refreshing

Hot Pink
- joy, gaiety, festive, parties, celebration, parades

Light Brown
- aging, simplicity, autumn, wholesomeness

Light Green
- freshness, crispness

- luxury, quietness, solidity

- excitement, passion, love, romance, braveness, war, danger, heat, warning, strength, courage, power, summer, action, energy, blood

- actin, power, warmth, autumn

Sky Blue
- peace, serenity, calmness, youthfulness, goodness

White, Light Blue
- purity, sincerity, goodness, innocence, cleanliness

- intelligence, brightness, refreshments

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