Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A Musical Keyboard Thought

Lately, I've been thinking about a musical keyboard.

When I was in high school, I found this small CASIO keyboard from an aunt's house. It dwelt on storage room with dusts and webs. It seemed like the trash can will become its next destination, so I hurriedly took and brought it home. If I remember it right, it looked like this one:

CASIO keyboard
I checked if the old keyboard would still work, and it did (well with a few minor issues, like a few keys sometimes won't work, or have to press harder for it to make a sound). I was so happy back then.

I used to play xylophone, but this old keyboard made my musical journey a much exciting one. I composed a few songs using this keyboard, especially the 'Awit nitong Puso't Isip Ko' which I have written as a theme song for my old comics titled YushuNa.

This keyboard had a massive bank of tones to choose from, so it was called Tone Bank. You can play organ, accordion, flute, strings, guitar, and more. It also have some sounds like ambulance, cosmic sounds, harmonica, typewriter, car horns and more. You can also play it with some drum beat or rhythm accompaniment. It was really fun using it.

But like in xylophone, I can't play keyboard using both hands. It's something I would like to try learning this time. Will my left and right fingers work together or not?

And lately, I've been thinking about a musical keyboard... again.

I wasn't sure what triggered it. Maybe because I saw may boyfriend played his own keyboard last week. Or maybe because I was listening to some Korean songs that were so good to hear on its instrumental version in keyboard or piano.

Regardless of the trigger, I wanted to play keyboard again. But how?

Today, as I remembered it again, I found myself typing in on an internet browser. Then searched 'keyboard' - and there I lurked into new keyboards, much bigger ones. I was thinking, can I even afford to buy one? After browsing through the selection, I ended up choosing another Casio keyboard, about 36 inches long and it's worth ₱4,999. Well, am I even sure about buying this costly and huge musical instrument, or am I just dreaming once again?

The link has been bookmarked. The item has been added to Wishlist. The next step would be to save for this expensive keyboard (to take note that it was one of the cheapest among the selection).

Will I be able to buy it? We will find out sooner (or later).

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