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'Love in the Moonlight' Korean Drama Series

'Love in the Moonlight' Korean Drama Series

So I guess, I'm still on my fangirl-ing stage over the South Korean TV series 'Love in the Moonlight' (also known as 'Moonlight Drawn by Clouds'). The setting happened during the 19th century Joseon Dynasty. It is about the girl pretending to be a boy that became a eunuch in the palace, the Crown Prince that fell in love with her, and their ironic, twisted destiny.

Why I Fell in Love with Moonlight Drawn by Clouds

I can't seem to get over with how much this series moved me. It made me realize good things about life. It was like reminding me of the good points in loving and being loved, how you take responsibilities for your actions about love, and the importance of sacrifice, trust, loyalty, responsibility, judgment, friendship, and family.

On top of it all, I can say that my favorite element (that captured my interest) about this TV series was the way Crown Prince Lee Yeong looked at Eunuch Hong ♥. It is simply breath-taking to see right in his eyes how deep his love is for Hong Ra On – the way he stared at her, the way he tried to hold back his tears for her, the love that he's trying to contain inside, like it was really "REAL". And for this, I highly commend the actor Park Bo Gum for his wonderful and heartfelt portrayal of the so-deeply-in-love Crown Prince. He did a really good job. You two are so cute! ♥

Love in the Moonlight

I can't help but falling in love with the characters, they are so lovable, cute and charming. Ra On and Crown Prince Yeong's chemistry is so perfect that I always find myself smiling (and sometimes giggling) whenever I see their pictures or videos.

But as for me, I like them as "Ra On and Crown Prince Yeong" (Kim Yoo-jung and Park Bo-gum). It's weird when I see them with their real-life appearances. I don't feel as much excitement as I do whenever I see them wearing the eunuch cloth and dragon robe. But don't get me wrong, I like them, but I like their characters more. Hong Ra On and Lee Yeong are so much real for me.

Their Social Channels

Nevertheless, I found my way in following their Instagram/Twitter accounts, I hope I did follow the "real" accounts: Ra On's Instagram, Yoon-sung's Instagram, Byung-yeon's Instagram, Prince Yeong's Twitter, King Soonjo's Instagram, Eunuch Jang's Instagram.

That Faithful Encounter

I don't religiously watch Korean drama series like some avid fans do (count my little brother and sister, heh!). But when I do, I get so addicted to that series that I love to learn about the whole thing.

I guess it is my destiny to stumble upon this Korean drama series last March 2, 2017. Oh hey, that's just 11 days ago as of this writing, few days before it will be aired in Philippine local television (is this a coincidence?). I happened to watch about an episode or so somewhere during my trip back to the province, but didn't know the title - I just know that is it in historical setting, with a girl pretending to be a boy that will soon work as a palace worker.

So when I finally got home, I asked my brother (who happens to be a k-drama addict LOL), "Did you know a Korean series with a girl pretending to be a boy, they are wearing traditional Korean clothes and something about the moon?"

He said "I think so." *light bulbs up*

And that's when I finally (and officially) met Hong Sam Nom and Crown Prince Yeong. ♥

I finished the series over the weekend. Yeah, that fast :) (Like reading a good novel, you can't put it down once you have been warped into the characters' world.)

Eunuch exam - Love in the Moonlight

Love in the Moonlight Trailers and Behind the Scene Clips

Love in the Moonlight Preview ver. 1

Love in the Moonlight Preview ver. 2

Love in the Moonlight Trailer ver. 1

Love in the Moonlight Trailer ver. 2

You might also want to check out some behind the scenes clips in Moonlight Drawn by Clouds:

Expect that you will see a lot more blog posts about Love in the Moonlight ♥ Let's spread the moon love! ♥

Images and video screenshots: Full credits to KBS (Korean Broadcasting System)


  1. I loved this show too! What I particularly liked about it was how the Crowned Prince was ready to admit and fight for his love for Ra On even at a time when he thought she was a boy. It's also refreshing to see someone like Yoon-sung who despite coming from a corrupt political family managed to be the great and noble man that he is. Then there's Byung-yeon and his friendship. :)

    1. Exactly. Upon endlessly trying to deny and ignore his feelings, the Crowned Prince finally gave in :)

      And yep, Yoon Sung and Byung Yeon, these guys are commendable as well, for being able to handle and decide which is right and good :)


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